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The proprietor of the series known as 'Sweet Special-Nothings'.

Well known for the story Hop, Skip, and a Jump! And First Date.

Also wrote the Conversion Bureau tale, A Mare's Tail.

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Only one of them was any sort of uploadable, and over five other ones were started, but I've no memory of them or their plot, so they're just words on a screen. Amusing, I guess, some jokes here and there, but for the most part they're nowhere near a state where I can feasibly finish and upload them.

One of them was for Tales from the Staff Canteen, the Fic in which the EqD pre-readers made fanfics of themselves reviewing fanfiction. This one dealt with Twilight Snarkle and I wish I knew where it was going because it seemed promising.

But possibly the best one I found was a continuation of sorts from both my Conversion Bureau tale, A Mare's Tail AS WELL AS Friendship is Rubbish, which is a Top Gear-in-Equestria fic. So on one hand we have a niche community of fics dedicated to humans becoming ponies because whynotwishfulfullment(hey, this community has spawned HOW MANY clones of ROBCakeran's fic, My Little Dashie?), and the other one being tongue-in-cheek recreation of a no-longer-on-the-air BBC TV show of three aging brits talking about cars.

Obviously there's room for crossover there, right?

So I am so very tickled by the idea that I was once attempting to create a Conversion Bureau tale about the three hosts of Top Gear dealing with a Conversion Bureau opening up in London, the fact ponies have yet to be able to drive, and of course, one or all of them becoming ponies.

I cannot stop laughing.

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Hidden! My word, where have you been?

... wait. Where have I been? Have we been in the same place??

Anyway. Hello!

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Hi Hidden! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

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>>1540414 Thanks for the update ^_^ good luck with the voices in your head :3 mine told me to drink tigers blood.

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>>1535231 I don't wish to be bopped! I love pony but I fell out of keeping up with it, so I've been refamiliarizing myself to everyone and attempting to get the voices in my head right. I want them to talk to me, instead of me throwing words on a screen and hoping they stick.

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status update or i bop your nose.

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