As some of you may have noted, I had recently written up a oneshot that immediately hit the top of the feature box.  I was not expecting that, it's neat seeing.  But this post is actually more or less to say where I am on my main story, An Alien Walks Amongst Us.

Here's the thing, I had lost interest in my story a good while back.  It was hard to really come up with fresh ideas, especially with my level of writing skill at the time.  Picking it back up a few months ago when I felt like writing a new chapter after so long, I started to reread it to see where I should head in the story.  It's then where I came to the realization that... this was not good.  I mean how it was written.  It just wasn't up to snuff with what I wanted in my work.  So much cringe, so many idiotic choices made with what I wrote.

So, for a good while now, I had been rewriting everything in it.  There's a lot of scene changes, additions to the story, along with purges that just didn't feel right whatsoever.  There's even been a change with both the tensing of the story as well as the perspective.  I changed those to both improve my writing skills and to challenge myself since I was primarily a present, second person writer.  I've still got a ways to go, but hopefully soon I will start to reupdate this story's chapters with the new, updated content before I post up a new chapter.  I will post up blogposts when I get to doing this, so stay tuned.

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Thus was the end to one of my beloved fanfics....

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I've come to talk with you again.

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>Tfw HH dies

>Tfw he comes back to life

>Tfw he dies again.

Hello Darkness, my old friend...

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Please dont be dead, your writing skills are too good to lose ;-;

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