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Because I remember, I despair. Because I remember, I have the duty to reject despair. - Elie Wiesel

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Thank you for adding my story, Unto Greener Pastures, to your favorites list! :twilightblush:

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>>2398223 Little stressed from yesterday.  Trying to change my sleep schedule to something with more sun in my life.  Slept well enough but got up early.  Improvement.  

Yesterday, one roommate had a "meltdown" of sorts and we sent her to the hospital. Her problem put us in danger and could have been bad for all of us.  Wasn't paying attention and should have seen the cracks.  But, you can't control everything and hindsight you can only learn from it.  Not our finest hour.  

Mentally I'm stable because what goes though my head on repeat is:  "If you fuck up, you screw up other people's lives.  Hold the center."  Not the most healthy attitude to have but it will pass into something better.  Though, I'm less afraid and more happy.  

Body health wise I'm a little weak but stable.  Minor heart problems, hips that don't work, minor arthritis, minor gut pain and I'm just not warm enough.  Cold outside and the weather bothers me.  That too will pass.  

I'm doing okay but I want something better.  

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You doing okay?

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Merry Christmas! :twilightsmile:

Looks like I won't be editing my avatar to match the holiday. I'd really wanted to make a mistletoe tiara, too! :fluttershyouch: Oh well. How about you, do you ever season-ify your avatar?

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I like stories to have a beginning, middle and end.

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Is a pain.  It made me really upset.  Made Mr. Farmer question why he ever bought new.  But a couple of weeks ago I found a work around and today it all came together.  It's legal too!  Thank you exemptions of the Section 1201 from the DMCA.  It made this transaction cheaper, really.  Still fucking pain.  A few years ago a car repair dealer gave me OBD2 tool for free.  Got Mr. Farmer something that makes mine look like a Speak & Spell.  Fuck yeah!  

Griseus 1 John Deere 0  - I will now retire from this little war.  *middle finger to John Deere*

I really haven't been feeling well.  And having this Internet of Things come up in my life... i need to get it off my mind.  I need to think of a nickname for him.  That guy who's with Bedwarmer.  Twink?  Beta?  Stove.  Yeah, Stove.  He is... uhm... Stove is good.  I help build a couple of computers (there are kinda cheep desktops but should last for five years, more in their case since there really not used for gaming - they're casual Nintendo fans) for them awhile ago and been giving them games on cheap because Steam yo and Steam Keys yo.  Guess what Stove and Bedwarmer have a hard on for?

Farming Simulator 15... fuck...  

Well, it's close to my bed time and they are going to bed soon.  Thankful they don't hate me.  This is so weird.  

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