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Hi! Writing is kind of my thing. Besides MLP, I like LOST, The Office, LoK/ATLA, Once Upon A Time, Gravity Falls, and House of Anubis! I also love the Percy Jackson series.


Hey everypony! First I'd like to thank you all for watching me, it means a lot that ya'll care about me and my stories. Currently I'm focusing on "Dash of Loyalty", which most of you probably watch me for. I'm really sorry it hasn't updated in so long. I promise you that I haven't given up on it or anything like that. My proofreaders and I have been focusing on getting the First Act picture perfect so I can submit it to EqD. It's almost completely through the process, and when it's done my pre-readers can focus more on editing Act II.

Please just bear with me. I'm doing all I can.


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Dash of Loyalty Act II

Text: 100%

Editing Process #1: 20%

Editing Process #2: 0%

Final Details: 0%  

Overall: We're working on it.

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>>576399  she was on 5 Weeks 6 Days ago! she isn't dead....I hope :pinkiesad2:

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Are you... dead? :fluttershysad:

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Sure, I'd love to help a fellow writer out. Send me a note, and we can discuss your ideas and such. :pinkiehappy:

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hi. can you please help me right a better story? im only started and not really good at storys but i want to write stories for fun. just some tips maybe? i tried writing a story here   but when i tried everybody hated it... so. i deleted it. please help me. im asking you as a friend. please? :ajsleepy:

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DUH DUH DUH! :derpytongue2:

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