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Hi there! Thanks for stopping on my page! Read "Crusader Saviors" my new book! I am pretty sure you will like it... Feel free to comment or ask any questions! Thanks again! ^-^

The Character Appearances in Strawtopia Novel

Manela the Bridesmaid and Keeper of The Baby

Lakamba The Griffon Bandit

Peyrosa The Evil Queen of The Earthia Land

The Pegacorn Prince

Fanique The King of The Pegastopia Island

Carissa The Queen of Monocornia Land

Ginger Ale (OC)

Latest Stories

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    My family was everything for me. To protect them, from every danger outside, fight against the classes that started the war, it was my duty to prevent them, prevent them to lose their lives.  · GildaTheGriffon
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  • E Polaroids and Memories

    Twilight Sparkle has never hidden something that important and serious. However, this time she might have been hiding some stuff. It was time for her to reveal and tell everything.  · GildaTheGriffon
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  • E Crusader Saviors

    Chaos passed by, villains got united, what will happen to these little three fillies who lost their siblings and families. Will all three survive?  · GildaTheGriffon
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  • T Twilight Wolf

    All of our characters decided to leave party earlier and they wanted to know why Twilight was not joining the party.  · GildaTheGriffon
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  • T Flutter Wolf

    All of our characters decided to camp on Everfree Forest and started to tell eachother some scary stories, unaware of what will happen something tomorrow mysterious.  · GildaTheGriffon
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I just want to thank all my readers, who support me via messages, comments. Thanks for always being with me. I hope you like my story. I will come up with more books soon. Please be safe, and happy! And never let anything to harm your "friendship" :twilightblush: . Take care and have a nice day!

Link to the Twilight Wolf: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/283364/twilight-wolf

Link to the first book, Flutter Wolf: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/269400/flutter-wolf

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the rating of this story is over 9 thousand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>>1927648 Gurren Lagann and MLP, how is it not glorious?


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>>1927644 Hi! Cool profile picture! :rainbowdetermined2:

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Just saying Hi.



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Thanks guys a lot. I hope you like it. Thank you also for your appreciation. Love you all! :twilightsmile:

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