Just so you all know, I’ve not disappeared off the face of the earth, just there’s been some pretty awful events in the family in the last few weeks that have taken both my time and my mood. It’s difficult times, but we’ll make it though.

I intend to get back to writing soon enough. Frontier Six Two (the second short story, based on the backhistory of MN7) is partially worked on already, and its layout is complete for the full thing.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the “dropped concepts of MN7″ post to go up sometime in the near future. However I’ve had a number of people ask me about a lot of the minor characters in the story and what they maybe went on to do after the end. Some have professed an interest in a kind of “Fallout game” slide card telling of what happened to each character after the end of the story. I had considered one, but I wasn’t sure if it would be too much added onto the end of the story, drawing out the ending too much with extra info.

However I put it to folks, is this something you’d be interested in seeing still, “after” the fact? Let me know what you think, I’d be happy to do one, so long as I didn’t think it was going to affect the pacing of the end for new readers. I won’t leap to any conclusions and start doing it, I’m just interested to hear thoughts from others.

(It's unfortunate that I can't tag both my stories in this, oh well!)

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I'd expect there to be logistical issues there. The first run of Fallout Equestria at 620,000 words and was 5 books, later 2. I can tell you that my 2-book copy weighs 2.2kg... Murky Number 7 is just shy of 80% longer.

That said, Murky's already separated into 3 distinct acts with commissioned covers of their own, so they would look REEAALLY snazzy.

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Is Murky Number Seven possibly going to be made into a book someday?

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I'm so very glad it did that for you, and thank you for letting me know. Make sit all worth it knowing people really connected.

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Can't beat the Chief!

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I just wanted to thank you for putting your heart and soul into Murky Number Seven. It has moved me in ways I wouldn't have though imaginable. Thank you so much.

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