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So, um, would anyone be interested in co-authoring P.G.T.T.D?


Alright, alright, allow me explain. As is blatantly obvious, I've been pretty quiet as of late.

There's a bunch of fairly standard and everyday reasons for that. The main one is that since uni's done for the year I'm now working 9 - 5 on weekdays as a drafty, with work also having a habit of following me home on occasion, so time is at a minimum during the week. There's also some other stuff relating to a friend, who's not in a good way at the moment and I'm trying to help him out, but that's another story.

Now, this is where I tell you all that I have actually been writing, and you all throw chairs at me while shouting 'Blasphemy!' or 'Heresy!'. Well, actually, I have been writing. A LOT. The next chapter of P.G.T.T.D has a total of 21 versions and re-writes sitting in my gdocs, all of them between a few paragraphs to around 3000 words.

So what's my problem and why haven't you all seen anything? My problem, for the lack of a better word, is that I find myself getting annoyed at my own writing. I plan out what I want to say, but then when I put it to paper my words don't do it justice, which leads to a sort of stagnation, and I end up starting the chapter all over again... and now It's just getting frustrating.

Thus as to why I'm looking for someone to be my partner in crime, someone with fresh input and a different way of thinking. The general gist is that we'd come up with ideas and a plan for the chapter's direction beforehand, and then they'd have full access to the chapter via gdocs to view, write, edit, comment, and so on as they saw fit. Other details can be decided, and I'm flexible in pretty much every regard.

I know some will be thinking it, but I'm not trying to make someone else shoulder my story here. I still love this story, and I still love writing it, but what I need is a second hand a second mind to get it back on track, and hopefully breathe new life into it.  

If anyone's interested, leave a comment or PM me.



Story Timeline + Future Projects (Possible)

Order of Completion

1) Underworld: Equestria

2) Final Fantasy: Zack's second chance

3) Ponyville goes to the...dragons??

Future Projects

1) Memory of Flames: T.A.P (ft either Snow or Silence)

2) Soul Calibur IV (ft Siegfried)

So who is this crazy bastard?


Freelancer is annoying, stubborn, pain in the ass Australian who's an architect student weekdays and a horse/pony trainer on weekends. He currently resides in the hellhole that is Western Australia, a place best known for its heat, exportable rocks, and its ever-growing population of bogans.

Freelancer is best known for getting carried down a nightclub strip at one am by his best mate, drunkenly yelling 'PUT ME DOWN YA BLOODY W***ER!', whilst said best mate yells "I'm stealing children!'

He also writes mlp fanficiton.

(I enjoy a chat, so if you're bored, or want some possible flawed outside input on an idea you have for a fic, throw a PM at me and I'll get back to you)


Things that (I like to think) are notable achievements of mine:

- popular update feature

- top the feature box (mature filter off)

- finish a story without a dislike

- 150 follower mark

- have people like something I drew

- earn a tvtropes page for one of my fics

- write a chapter whilst getting increasingly intoxicated



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hi, i like reading your Ponyville goes to the...dragons?? story.

when you going to update it??????

p.s perhaps you should first write a bunch of chapters for your story then after that post them up at your own leisure time.

#85 · 63w, 4d ago · 1 · ·

Hey dude, I'm curious, but when will be the next time PGTTD will update? or GF and GF?

#84 · 70w, 5d ago · · ·


Heh, cheers man :twilightsmile: and thankfully that's pretty much blown over now, which is a relief to say the least.  

#83 · 70w, 5d ago · · ·

Hey man, I heard you were going through a rough spot, and I just wanted to stop by and say that you're awesome! Keep up the great work!

#82 · 130w, 6d ago · · ·

Thank you very much for choosing to favorite An Apple Studded Diamond. :eeyup:

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