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While I was at "The Accusation Fic Collection, I Read a Comment from Ellington

RD already knows this material or at least should. In Sweet And Elite it reveals that everything Rarity knows about the wonderbolts she learned from RD and now they're saying that Rarity knows more than RD does. This episode should have had Scootaloo in RD's place, Cheerilee in The Wonderbolts' place, and RD in Twilight's place. They keep trying to make RD worst pony and it's getting rather annoying.

I should also say that the episode was literally saying 'It's okay to be a disruptive punk at school and to not pay attention and if you fail because of it it's the teacher's fault' and thus was justifying bad behavior. Plus having Pinkie rap is like having another character dress like a member of the KKK. The episode tries to say that RD needs to learn her way but really RD didn't care, which is as out of character as Beast Boy eating meat.

I'm surprised that not more people dislike this awful episode.

- Ellington - 6/24/15

Well I Just Thought of an Idea, Make a Rewrite of "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3!!" with the Similar Plot of "Bart Gets an F".... What? Oh, I'm Sorry.... Think Doing a Rewrite of a Simpsons Episode makes it bad? Well Fillies and Gentlecolts, Remember when The Nostalgia Critic Talked about the Episode in "Top 11 Simpsons Episodes"? well imagine this episode starring scootaloo having a dillema repeating kindergarden or trying to study wonderbolts....

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