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2000 · 2:24am

(Heck, while writing this, I went to 2001. Uh. Just imagine I have 2k for a second)

What do I even say?

In 2000, I was 8 years old.

Last January I hit One Thousand followers. I was shocked. Baffled. Confused. And Honored. For someone who considered stopping after his pastebin hit 5k reads, seeing where I am right now still feels... shocking.

With the amount of words that's under my belt, the number of stories, most around me say that this was something that was just a matter of time. Heck, Regidar said to me that I'd have 2000 followers eventually. And I didn't believe him. And he was right.

So, here I am. I suppose I should say some words.

This hobby has always been fun for me. It's always been about enjoying myself. Not taking things seriously. Making people laugh. And having a good time. The fact that I wrote about my favorite pony turning into my favorite snack food proves to me that over the 4 years I've been writing, nothing's changed. I'm still having fun. Just more people are around to enjoy it.

Still, I can't say I don't feel honored that 2000 people clicked that little button to Follow me, saw the number of shitposts I make, saw the number of blogs I make, and STILL decide to endure my bad puns. I doubt that I'll ever reach something like the "top 50 most followed" on the site. Hell, most people wouldn't put me in a top 50 best writers on this site, even if I did. But the fact that I can make everyone laugh, do this silly podcast thing, meet cool people and do cool things? Well, it's all I need.

So, thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who followed me. I hope I can continue to make you laugh, cry, smile, brighten your day, guess your fetish, or whatever I decide to do for even longer. (Putting off Office Love not being on that list)

The last few times, I did really long extended lists to explain who I need to think, or do a retrospective on all the stories I've written. People have asked me if I have anything special for 2k followers.

To be honest. I have nothing. I genuinely didn't think this would happen.

So. Uh. Thank you. Maybe I'll do something separate that's a special celebration story? But right now? I'm just more taken aback than anything. Thank you.

Most importantly, if there is one single solitary person I could thank right now, take this special moment to really appreciate and genuinely give a shout out: It would have to be Anonpencil. Nobody else could kick my ass as hard to be a better writer, remind me that I need to write Office Love, challenge my thought processes, and teach me about the craft of writing on top of being the best girlfriend in the world :heart:. Without her, I don't think I would be this far. I don't think I would have ever gotten as far as I have in real writing either.

Just. Thank you guys. Really. I only wish I had more to give.

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Art! Thank You! <3



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Collab Project 3 w/ Enigmatic Otaku - 0%

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#293 · 1w, 3h ago · · ·


Fluttersenpai noticed me!

#292 · 1w, 8h ago · · ·


I'll probably have a glass of scotch and wonder what I've done to deserve this. Haha


I've been hearing of this game. I'll check it out!

#291 · 1w, 16h ago · · ·


I know you like undertale, check out night in the woods when you get a chance.

Edit: also I'm watching the rest of the podcasts these past few days.


#290 · 1w, 18h ago · · ·

Any plans for when you hit 2 000 followers?

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