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I am actually doing pretty well on my story. I ditched my last idea and this time my writing abilities have improved (not so much punctuation wise) and i can get a decent amount of words out that make sense and sound good. Not sure when I will be done, but it should be finished.... eventually.


Right in the feelz · 3:46am

I don't care if this is ever read or not, but i have to say something. My friend recently introduced me to a wonderful thing. This thing, is "Katawa Shoujo." To put it simply, the title translates to "Disability Girls."

I don't want to describe the entire game, but i will say this.... It and MLD are the only 2 things in the past year that made me cry... or cry such a high amount at least.

I strongly consider reading up on the game and giving it a shot, if you have any questions (if you actually read this) feel free to ask.

Find the game download HERE . Also, it has some 18+ content that can be disabled, but it is very minor.

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This is a pretty good story. It has incredible character development. Something you might wanna take some notes on.

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>>139465 Not every Alicorn fic is bad. My first was an Alicorn fic, and it did surprisingly well. A ratio of 40u/3d (u=up d=down).

You just have to know what you're doing to pull it off. I mean, I don't personally like it, but others do.

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