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Alright, now that the pun's out of the way...

The previous Blitz is all set. Go check it out.

Well, I mean, AFTER you work on tonight's. Nothing too noteworthy, just continuing the Yu-Gi-Oh crossover y'all started last time.

The Chrysalis Saga

Stuff That ISN'T Riffing

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>>2392782 F/F/T3K15 is booked for the entire rest of the year, barring user-voted entries. If you have ideas, send 'em to the group's Suggestions folder (just be sure to put them in the right subfolder).

As for my own personal riffs... empty, because I'm not doing them anymore.

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Out of curiosity, how full is your riffing queue?

#434 · 23w, 2d ago · · ·

>>2338314 I've noticed. I've interacted with him. It went poorly.

#433 · 23w, 6d ago · · ·

Hey, I just read your blog post on DakariKingMykan. You're not gonna believe this but he's actually on the THIS SITE!

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Could you please provide a list of the original Fanfic Theatre 3000's riffs?

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