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Everfree Northwest is Seattle's premier My Little Pony fan convention! We hope you'll join us for our sixth annual convention, taking place May 12-14th 2017.


Oh my goodness!  We have done 50 Fanfiction spotlights!  That deserves a PARTY!  :pinkiegasp:

With the EFNW writing contest judging under way, let's get back to our regularly scheduled stories.  Ducks as Twilight throws calendars at me

This week we have a story about Zephyr Breeze trying to be a recruit in the Equestrian Military, and another story about the shenanigans of living in Discorded Equestria.  Hopefully soon we'll be able to update everypony with a list of contestant stories!

Have a lovely weekend everypony!

---- Review by Silver Flare ----

The Brothers Don’t

by Ponky

Words: 16,802 Complete: No

Recommended by Silver Flare

Speaking of odd couples! Oh man, if the above image doesn’t plaster a huge grin on your face, then I don’t know how to help you. Let me see if I can paint this Ponky picture…

The Brothers Don’t is set in a war-torn Equestria where the Element Bearers are missing, gone on a journey to try and stop an invasion from the uncharted wastes of the frozen north. The military elite, those with close ties to the Bearers, at least, form up under the banner of Team Harmony to find them, and see what assistance they can offer. Zecora, Spitfire, Big Macintosh, and Flash Sentry (snerk), all led by Shining Armor, form the initial all-star team here.

The story begins in the middle of kaizo action-y stuff. You’ve got winterwolves and deadly cold and an injured Big Mac, and it’s all designed to feel deliberately over-the-top. What quickly happens through these bite-sized chapters is a total tonal shift. We’re brought back to the Crystal Empire, not through a temporal jump but through deus-ex-magica, giving us a glimpse of the underlying mysteries of this story. From there, Shining Armor discovers Fluttershy’s deadbeat brother amongst Equestria’s newest recruits. From here, we get the most fantastic buddy-movie ever made. I’ve never seen Zephyr Breeze written as well as he is here, and a frazzled Shining Armor is the perfect foil to his character.

The premise is dark, tense, and interesting. The tone is light and zany and hilarious. Somehow, this mix works out really well, and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

---- Review by Grand_Moff_Pony ----


by ph00tbag

Words: 6,896 Complete: Yes

Recommended by Grand_Moff_Pony

Ponykind may have once had great difficulty counting, but even former wrestler (and famously math-challenged) Scott Steiner can't argue with the math behind this whimsical tale.

This story is many things - a bedtime story for two rambunctious fillies, a history lesson wrapped in a fairy tale, a rather candid look into the life and times of a 'Discorded' Equestria, and more.  Yet, like a properly done equation, it always finds balance, and ph00tbag does an amazing job bringing in bits and pieces at exactly the right time, reducing and expanding the equation of this story at just the right moments.

Even the smallest details yield a wealth of insight for the reader, from the origin of Clover's famous nickname and ancient Equestria's standing with other races, to life under Discord and the motivations of a young and mathematically frustrated Starswirl, who is determined to find a way to count past eight.  Oh, and that's before we get the adorably perfect tiffs between two future princesses.

There's a lot of moving parts, but they build upon and play off of each other in perfect harmony to create a tale that feeds Equestrian lore as much as it does the readers' imaginations.  And thanks to Starswirl's efforts, it's far easier to conclude with this:

Why should you read this story?

Let me count the ways.

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>>2413819 Thanks!

Definitely something to put on my calendar.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to any conventions until I get out of college. (Your event is right during my finals week. :raritydespair:)

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It does happen every year!  Usually we try to run the contest from February through early March, to give folks about a month to get it all written and spiffy before entry.  We do a site-wide announcement about it around the 1st of February, with the writing prompt.  We also, if you're in the area and able to come to the con, do a miniaturized version of this called our Iron Author contest, which gives you 2 hours to write a story based on 3 prompts!

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Oh. I did not notice the original Scribblefest announcement. That would have been fun.

Does it happen every year? In that case, what date does it start?

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It would be cool if I can go to Everfree Northwest, but I live all the way here in Mission Viejo and I don't have money to fly there. Also, it would be really cool for me to meet other bronies.

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SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series, Seattle, TODAY, March 1, 7pm

The Pacific Northwest is home to a Tardis-Full of Science Fiction and Fantasy writers, a fact celebrated every quarter with the Pacific Northwest Reading Series. These free quarterly events provide the Northwest Science Fiction and Fantasy community a chance to gather, network and enjoy readings from local and visiting authors in Portland and Seattle.

Each event features three authors who read from their latest work, interpreting and explaining their concepts and vision. In addition, space is provided for networking and conversation. The Q1 2016 event in the Seattle area (Kirkland, WA) will be held on Tuesday, March 1st. Set in the festive atmosphere of the Wilde Rover Irish Pub & Restaurant in Kirkland, WA, events begin at 7:00 pm, and end by 8:30 pm.

More information and online registration: SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series -- Seattle (Kirkland)

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