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Just a guy who likes to write. I let my stories go where they please. I'm just their instrument of creation.


Okay well at this point it's 51 but you get the idea. First blog entry too so I have no idea what I am doing! Thanks a lot to everyone who has hit the follow button, commented, liked, favourited or read my stories. It helps so much and I'm really glad to be writing on this site. Never really thought I'd get to 50 followers but y'know weird stuff happens. I'm just in this to improve and hopefully give people a decent enough read that they don't want to throw me into Tartarus (Please don't, Tirek would be awful company). Anyway, thanks everyone! Just wanted to say that. Have a nice day all! (Okay seriously if anyone can think up a better ending for my ramblings I would greatly appreciate it because I am way too crazy for "Have a nice day!")

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  • E Generations

    Twilight, Starlight and Celestia talk about the incredible bond between teacher and student.  · EclipseSight
    3,923 words · 216 views  ·  23  ·  0
  • T Atonement.

    Hundreds of years of solitude will break anypony's spirits, but for Twilight Sparkle, regret is what pushes her forward and weighs her down. Will she be able to overcome herself, and finally rest...with the help of an unlikely ally?  · EclipseSight
    3,701 words · 402 views  ·  19  ·  3
  • E Welcome to the Family

    Ever since the defeat of Chrysalis, Starlight has begun to develop feelings for Twilight. Neither she nor Twilight has any experience in the field of romance, so that should only make it interesting.  · EclipseSight
    7,430 words · 784 views  ·  23  ·  2
  • E Trusting a Nightmare, Creating a Dream.

    Good friends can help us through the worst of our problems, but only if we allow them to. After finding her new self too difficult to deal with alone, Starlight has to learn to accept help, from those who are more than willing to give it.  · EclipseSight
    8,316 words · 299 views
  • E A Nightmare to Remember

    Nightmare Night is coming back to Ponyville, and everyone is excited. However, the nightmare quickly becomes real when Starlight is found collapsed on the floor. Can the friends work out what is happening within their walls. before it's too late?  · EclipseSight
    8,278 words · 512 views  ·  11  ·  0
  • E A Therapeutic Sleepover

    A sleepover at Pinkie Pie's is a joyous affair as everyone will agree. However, life changing events can occur at the most unlikely of places. Sunset and Twilight need to help one of their friends, before it's too late.  · EclipseSight
    5,963 words · 1,862 views  ·  63  ·  1
  • E The Secret of Motherhood.

    A secret Starlight would have prefered to hide even from herself is out in the open. Will the truth drive a wedge between her and her new friends? Or will it draw them closer?  · EclipseSight
    50,665 words · 2,360 views  ·  120  ·  5
  • T One Final Future.

    The map takes Twilight, Spike and Starlight to one final future. The three must put aside their differences to save their own Equestria from a terrible threat. That future's own Starlight Glimmer.  · EclipseSight
    13,904 words · 1,273 views  ·  39  ·  1
  • E Starlight's Adventures Through Season 6.

    Starlight is not just sitting idle while her friends go off on adventures. She's doing her own thing and getting into her own adventures. These are her stories. What problems or joys will the former villain face?  · EclipseSight
    46,667 words · 903 views  ·  34  ·  0
  • E When Magic Goes a Little Wrong

    Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer are three of the most powerful magic users in modern Equestria. So they decide to have a little competition. A magic duel should be fun right? Unless everything goes a little wrong.  · EclipseSight
    9,866 words · 1,282 views  ·  36  ·  3
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>>2348720 Thanks. I drew it myself after completing A Nightmare to Remember. It's my second serious attempt at a pony drawing so there's room for improvement, but thanks.

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Hey dude! :pinkiehappy:

I just noticed. Nice Starlight batpony picture.

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>>2240662 Yeah we will. It does look to be an interesting story.

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Hi there! *hugs* Thanks for adding my space human/pony scifi story "A Glimmer of Phantoms" to your favorites! We'll see where the drama takes Melanie and her digital friends :D

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