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Regardless, welcome to my corner of Fimfiction! Please take a seat. Ignore the oppressed waterfowl, they don't bite unless you feed them.

DictatorDuck has been a member of Fimfiction for about two years, yet has accomplished little apart from amassing a massive library of horse words, explicit and otherwise. He spends most of his time on the site reading and lurking. You should add him on Steam if you play TF2 or just want a horse friend.

Hobbies other than horse words:

-  Leader of the TF2 team Freshly Picked FiGs. The unofficial TF2 competitive team of the Friendship is Gaming Equestria Daily forums!

- Active member of Friendship is Gaming

Yea... that's it, bye! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry about the slow load time, I really like pony.

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Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year!

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Apologies for it being late, but thank you for joining the Mooncest!

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Thanks for the follow! :eeyup:

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Thanks for joining Fluttermom! We are all really excited that you have decided to join. If you have any thoughts or suggestions to improve our group, don't hesitate to say so in the comments or send a message directly to one of our Admins.

Now here's Pinkie Pie with your "Welcome Wagon"

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Welcome to RainDigo. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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