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Crazy stallion that made Ponyfinder, because Ponies make everything better, D&D included.

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  • E Gazing to the Ocean of the Sky

    She can swim far and wide across the waters of Equestria, but it's not enough. There are places above those waters, places she plans to reach. Where biology failed her, her mind would succeed. Equestria better be ready, because she plans to visit!  · David Silver
    103,097 words · 8,543 views  ·  1,079  ·  48  · 
  • T Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

    After deciding to stay in Equestria and learn its ways as a unicorn colt, Silver Lining now faces Canterlot and learning how to be a unicorn with his former-OC and Trixie to watch over him. Will he master magic, or discover the cruel side of foals.  · David Silver
    72,746 words · 2,855 views  ·  512  ·  26 · sex  · 
  • E The Missing Element

    How could she miss it? The seventh element was right under her nose the entire time, supporting her, guiding her, and loving her. When it strayed from its course, destiny itself nudged it back into line. It was always there... It was just waiting.  · David Silver
    1,163 words · 2,580 views  ·  272  ·  12  · 
  • T Ponyfinder: Roots of Stone

    Tree Hugger comes to help the Pies with a tree that sprouted on their rock farm. It's in the way! Her attempt to move it peacefully propels herself and Maud Pie into the Ponyfinder world of Everglow, where they will have to learn to fight together.  · David Silver
    155,106 words · 536 views  ·  106  ·  3 · gore  · 

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