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Iron, Cold Iron · 7:22am

Gold is for the mistress — silver for the maid —

Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade.

"Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,

"But Iron — Cold Iron — is master of them all."

— Rudyard Kipling, "Cold Iron."

Hello, everyone. I thought I should make a blogpost about what I've been up to lately, for them what are curious. I did some Jericho, and then I once again vanished. Well, the reason that happened was because I got annoyed as the zero advancement my novel project, Phoenix Fire, was having, so I decided to dick around with some Jericho again.

Then, a Christmas day miracle happened (two weeks ago). I scrapped all of my work on my novel, and started from scratch once more. A fresh start, two weeks, and 29k words later, and I and the editorial staff thing this edition might be the one. The story is now nigh unrecognizable, but remains a dark comedy adventure with a familiar certain (unnamed) narrator. It takes a lot of influence from the Calêrhos arc of Jericho, as well as my token brand of humor.

If you want a slight spoiler, here's the current summary for Phoenix Fire, then here it is in 20 words. A fanatical Prussian Luddite travels to post-apocalyptic America to destroy the supercomputer secretly ruling the cursed city of Misery.

Plus, as you may or may not know, there's a certain ponyfic out there which I've treated in Jericho with a mix of affectionate parody and taking the piss out of. I mostly used Cards as a vessel for mocking it. SuperAngstyPone, I no like you! Anyhow, though I might have a love-hate relation with that story (mostly its characters!), I decided to pick up the maxim of "if you don't like a book, write you own". Like with the butchering of Sleepy Oaks in Jericho, you'll no doubt see me fux with some ideas I liked from the story, but hated in execution or presentation or lack of implication or just something where I felt there was wasted potential. And then expand this to fit my idea of the world. So that by the end, how I've done therewith has an "oh yeah, that sounds familiar" feel thereto, only now possesses a whole new direction.

This is technically called homage, I understand. Though I still like to think of it as "no, no, no! Here's how it should have been!"

Now then, I've got to get back to documenting the intellectual decline of the West. This way I can point to and tell my grandkids exactly when this country started going to shit. I'm prepping for being an angry old man early! It turns out, nothing ever is good! Abandon ship!

*cough* Er, I mean, just thought y'all people might like to know what I'm up to.

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Saw the trailer for the Dark Tower movie. Never read any of the books, but some of the imagery/quotes still brought up nostalgia and a virtual fuckton of hype in me.

Thank you very much for that, you old dead bastard.

Godspeed, wherever you may be.

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After listening to some of those songs I agree, if Jericho were a film at least a couple of those songs would have be on the soundtrack

So we have Volbeat's Outlaw Gentlemen...

There is a lot more of Dark Country:

  - Dark Country 1

  - Dark Country 2

  - Dark Country 3

  - Dark Country 4

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>>2322450 One of my top hard rock/metal bands of the past 20 years, a great sound mixed with awesome vocals, I was introduced to them in 2013 by a friend of my fathers and fell in love with their music.

#109 · 31w, 5d ago · · ·




One of my favourite bands...

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>>2321871 After listening to some of those songs I agree, if Jericho were a film at least a couple of those songs would have be on the soundtrack, and I think the best end credit song would be a track written and performed by Volbeat specially for the film, something stylewise along the lines of Doc Holiday.

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Though for Jericho I think a western metal or metalbilly sound would be perfect.

Western metal you say?

Blues Saraceno seems to fit the bill quite well (more "Country Gothic" in genre, but the covers of his various Dark Country albums positively scream "Jericho")

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>>2320556 I know Avatar, they have a good sound filled with energy and power. Though for Jericho I think a western metal or metalbilly sound would be perfect.

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Nice song

Something for Jericho and Mr Welch and their desperate last stand fight:

Avatar - "Regret" & "House of Eternal Hunt"

Never had a dream this lonely

Where did everybody go?

Never had a dream this dark

Wake me up! Please make it so!


Sworn to the starlight

Tonight is the night

Call from the wild—I can feel it

Endless horizon

No sun in sight

House of eternal hunt

Something for Jericho as a trooper in the Mobile Infantry defending the evacuation for Midgard:

Avatar - Vultures Fly

All orders to surrender are false

Eye on the target

Back to the wall

Your body's shaking

The mountain's too tall

You want to lie down and rest on Elysian fields

Carry you home, upon your shield

A mighty Spartan

You answer to none

You're on a field-trip and hell sounds like fun

You know that

The path is dirty to fortune and fame

You're sworn and ready to go down in flames

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Hope you're doing well, Crushric. If you decide to come back, I'll be here.

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>>2307499 Nice song, now if only our lord of witty humor and savior of fanfiction everywhere could hear our desperate cries for his return to this mortal realm, so that he may grace us with that book he was talking about selling all those two years ago. Mayhaps, is we sacrifice enough Jack Daniels in his him name he may even grace us with one more chapter of Jericho.

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