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Well, looks like you found my page. I am so sorry about that. You may be asking yourself, who am I? You may also be asking yourself, what is that weird smell coming from your basement. Well I have the answer to both. I am the guy who smashes his head on a keyboard in a vain attempt to create decent literature, and It's Carbon Monoxide, you may want to do something about that.

I've been a brony since I saw Hottdiggedydemons .mov series, so anything I do on this site is his fault. After discovering the wonder of fan fiction, I've since become addicted to pony stories. Seriously, if I go too long without my fix, I start hallucinating, and I break out in hives.

I've been writing stories for this site for a while, and I have a good time of doing it. I don't update as often as I'd like, because I put most of my work towards my filmmaking career. I upload videos onto my YouTube channel. I started making really awful machinima, and have since moved up to making half decent content. I make animations, machinima, live action, story readings, stop motion, ect. I even make some pony stuff, so you might be interested in that.

I have a Patreon (who doesn't). It's mostly for my Youtube, and for deviant art stuff (btw I have a Deviant art, and will probably post pony comics when I get around to it). If you want to help me continue to make content for the internet, then consider supporting me on Patreon.

Seriously, give me your money, or I'll cut you.

All of my content, whether it be a story, video, drawing, or piece of music, can be accessed at my website.

Feel free to peruse my story list, for something you may find interesting. As long as this site is here, I will be reading, and uploading, at least as long as I'm still apart of this fandom. You know, I think I like the fan made content more than the actual show. You know, I heard that after the seventh season, and the movie, that FIM is going to be done with. But I think I can deal, as long as the fandom and this site still exist. If it goes down, I'll be going down with it, kicking and screaming like a 3-year old who didn't get their way.

Also, I'm a third degree black belt, as well as an avid weight lifter, and a high school varsity wrestler, so if you're mean to me, I'll beat you up.

I hope you enjoy my work, if not that's fine, you probably just have no good  taste.

K bye

Latest Stories

  • T I AM Human

    It's been a year since Luna's son died. But he might not be as dead as she thought.  · CrackerHumps
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  • T Adopting a Man-Child

    There is nothing more magical, and more precious, than being a mother.  · CrackerHumps
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  • T Bad Dreams

    The two sisters told me they were my friends, but the nightmares showed me that they were liars. They had horrible plans for me. The nightmares showed me the truth. They are my friends. They're all I need.  · CrackerHumps
    17,680 words · 2,010 views  ·  159  ·  6 · gore
  • T Deep in the Forest

    A young bullied colt gets lost in the Everfree, where he meets a mare named Fluttershy. She seems to be the kindest mare he's ever met. But he will learn a secret about her that will chill him to the bone.  · CrackerHumps
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  • T The Nobody's Regret

    After I was Displaced, I found myself as Roxas from kingdom hearts, in the world of My Little Pony. I became good friends with Celestia and Luna. But after a tragic event unfolded, that I could have prevented, I sent myself into exile.  · CrackerHumps
    27,118 words · 4,250 views  ·  238  ·  26
  • E I'm your son too

    Twilights having a baby. At first I was happy, but now I feel like she loves that foal more than me.  · CrackerHumps
    27,795 words · 3,674 views  ·  241  ·  34

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