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I've actually been kind of hesitant to write this, but I found something out that made this seem slightly more reasonable, so I decided I'd take the risk of spouting insane tinfoil hat conspiracy theories and looking like fool. Besides, I at least found something, even if it is only a coloring error.

It's just a little thing I noticed while reading the first issue of the new Legends of Magic series.

Here's Sunburst on the show, levitating some books.

And here he is doing the same in the comic.

You may have noticed his magic. Specifically, its color. Now, that may just have been a simple mistake. However, when it comes to a pony's magic turning that particular color, there are some...


Originally, the main reason I didn't want to say anything about this was that it happened in a comic. A new spinoff series, as well. And the comics don't really have anything to do with the show as it's currently airing. In fact, it often takes a few months for the comics to catch up to the show.


There is the fact that the current arc of the main series ties into this season. So they're clearly starting to build up a multimedia platform for the show. Then there was this little tidbit from an interview with the writer and artist of the first few issues of Legends of Magic:

The first is that Hasbro has given us access to know the future of MY LITTLE PONY in ways that I've certainly never had the chance to know before. While somebody looking at it from the outside might say that trying to write a story that ties into a season of the TV show is constraining, it actually gives us a place to launch from. While they never sat us down and said "this is the story you need to write" they did say "this is where we're going and we won't have the space to tell all the stories we're suggesting exist". I mean, that's a pretty amazing feeling, especially considering the TV series has always hinted at the rich and exciting past of Equestria.

So they know what' going to go down this season, which makes me think that the color change might be intentional.

Now, since this is half a joke anyway, let me play my own devil's advocate.

First off, the simplest explanation is that they just made a mistake. They're human, it happens. It's always important to remember Hanlon's Razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by a mistake". (The original saying is " stupidity", but that seemed offensive, plus it didn't adequately convey what I was going for here, and I figured it was more important to be clear than stay true to the original aphorism.) And remember the time the title was misspelled on the splash page of a comic? (Andy Price is an amazing artist, but he might need a spellchecker) With a character that's had a screen time of maybe five minutes, max, it would be pretty easy to mess up on such a tiny detail as the color of their magic.

And second, that's not even the right green. Changeling green, Queen Chrysalis's in particular, is far more vivid and saturated. (I compared against the Siege of the Crystal Empire comics—which, coincidentally, had the same colorist as this comic. So she knows what she's doing.) Although, Sunburst's magic here is its normal color at the center, with a gradient that transitions to green. So maybe that was just their way of making it not too blindingly obvious. (The other characters in the comic do have gradients on their magic as well. However, all of those gradients match the color of their magic—it gets brighter and more intense at the center. Sunburst was the only one to have the color change completely. I am looking too far into this and overthinking things? You bet!)

But really, what characters do we know that can transform and have magic that's even close to that shade of green?

Oh, right.

(I actually took both images into photoshop and did a comparison with the eyedropper tool. They're pretty darn close, with the green from the show being slightly more saturated—RGB vs. CMYK, perhaps?)

And finally, an aesthetic explanation is that Sunburst's magic is pretty much the exact same color as Celestia's. They may have just not wanted it to clash, and took some artistic license with it.


Sunburst's magic is the same color as Celestia's?

And his name has something to do with the sun, despite him not having a talent that involves the sun at all?


BRB, working on a new post.

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#20 · 26w, 6d ago · · ·


FINNALY I have been waiting for this sequal

#19 · 26w, 6d ago · · ·

You know, your avitar never fails to make me chuckle, and your stories always makes my day.:rainbowlaugh:  Love your work, keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

#18 · 30w, 6d ago · · ·

Any noise on "Changeling Courtship Rituals 2"?

#17 · 35w, 6d ago · · ·

"Yay now to see the next part of.. the... story... oh.... " -looms blankly at the screen. "Internet, I writer of stories command you to show me the next part!"

-hits refresh nothing changes-

"Dammit! Those endings... and the omake chalter made me Sure more was around and I was just late..." -reads blog- "Chryssi and Twi story line hmm?" -taps my chin- "Might as well right?"

In all seriousness, Trials was an awesome story and I wanna read more! So do the typy work making thingy please? I wanna see Celestia reacting to NMM!!

#16 · 36w, 3h ago · · ·


Well, I'm definitely glad to hear that there are some more plans for CCR, and it's not just a one-time distraction from Trials. Guess I'll be patiently waiting for the sequels to come out!

As for clop, you can always make it a oneshot spinoff and link to it in author's notes in the chapter after which it's supposed to take place. I've seen such practices before and it works out pretty well. Unless you plan on it having a bigger impact on the story, like Twilight being traumatized and cowering at the sight of eggs in Pinkie's kitchen or something.

Regardless, thanks for clearing things up. I'm much more calm about the future of CCR now.

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