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Last Friday Night is Finished

I really, really hate to say it. I had so many more ideas for the story. There was gonna be the jail break, and the Trixie, and all kinds of other good things that I have no motivation to work on. That, and the fact that I haven't updated the story in almost 20 weeks now.

But worry not!

I'm currently working on two more stories--don't look at me like that--that I'm really enthuisatic about. Twilight Sparkle: Ace Attorney and A Day in the Life of an Alcoholic Alicorn, abbreviated as TS: AA and DLA.

TS: AA--While this might sound like it's going to be a blatant ripoff, it's not. I assure you, Twilight Sparkle is going to have her own "game," so to speak.

DLA: Twahlet Spackle gets engaged to the love of her life--Boozehound Sunbutt. In other words, this is LFN's sequel. Instead of moving in a linear story-line, each of the chapters will be separate Fridays.

And, once I get to a certain point in DLA, I'll post Turning 21: A Beginner's Guide to the Rest of Your Life and all 420 effing guidelines that go along with it.

Thank you for your time. That will be all.

"What is the meaning of this? You're canceling my story?!"

No, I just said I was giving you a sequel. Did you not--

"A sequel is an entirely different story! Why was there so much of a mess in my bedroom? How did we get back home?:

I already told you, I'm explaining it in the sequel!

"Your Honor, I maintain that the author is lying!"

Oh, what, so now you're BOTH ganging up on me?!

It was a really bad idea to put this extra stuff in, wasn't it?

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So, yet another writer's deleted their stories and vanished?

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Hey, man! Thanks for the favourite on You have Made Your Bed. I really appreciate it.

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Knock knock, Everything alright? How's life going so far? =)

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Thanks for following me! :pinkiehappy:

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Thank you for the follow! :twilightsmile: Much Appreciated

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