Seeing as I'm getting a hard time finding collaborators for my projects (artists mainly, writers and programmers tend to get along in my experience). I'm going to have a bit of fun converting some of my fictions into text-based adventure games.

Just to get use to creating visual novel-eque games without an artist to bug me with their absence of work.

The stories I will be doing will be the ones from my War for Equestria series. Starting with Day of coronation and Charity.

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Latest Stories

  • T The night the mad moon came.

    Morrslieb the dark moon from warhammer touches equestria with chaos and things change forever.  · CeresBane
    2,935 words · 352 views  ·  4  ·  7 · sex · gore
  • E Twilight the nostalgic

    Twilight goes back in time to meet herself  · CeresBane
    1,974 words · 598 views
  • E My little Apple

    Living as a simple apple farmer wasn't exactly what he wanted for himself, but carried by one of his mother's final words to him, he lives to make his family happy. And that's a pretty good way to live to.  · CeresBane
    3,595 words · 384 views  ·  15  ·  0
  • T The demon mare

    Come play with me, come play with me. Join with me in the eternal party.  · CeresBane
    3,567 words · 307 views  · gore
  • T One born without love

    Trixie the 69th has heard the story of her mother and her tragedy since foalhood. But now she is aware of the changeling vice that holds the New Lunar republic together, Trixie demands answers from her adoptive mother Queen Luna.  · CeresBane
    2,969 words · 249 views  · sex · gore
  • T Perchance to dream of you

    A lyrical piece about a mare of a stallion's dreams. A mare who occupies every dream.  · CeresBane
    1,153 words · 494 views
  • T Hands down

    A series of horrid mutilations have been happening across the brony fandom as of late. As bronies find themselves losing their hands for what bronies refer to as hooves.  · CeresBane
    1,297 words · 544 views  ·  9  ·  4 · gore
  • E Gala snaps goes to Ponyville.

    In the distant future, there is only war. And Gala snaps must find his way back there or his people will be consumed by the violence.  · CeresBane
    5,539 words · 320 views
  • T The small world of Villainy

    What if all the villains of my little pony were all just exiled to the moon?  · CeresBane
    3,280 words · 769 views  ·  30  ·  0 · sex
  • E Bad seed

    Bab seed returns to Manehatten where she readjusts to life in the big city.  · CeresBane
    1,011 words · 729 views  ·  9  ·  20
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You play the drums? :pinkiehappy:

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homophobia... lol omg you tool.

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I've banned you from the School for New Writers due to:


-starting shit


Please check back in a couple of days.

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why did you make pinkie evil? she isnt evil she's far from it.:fluttercry:

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yeah thats ok

hey ive got a lot to deal with would you mind adding it to the group

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