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I don't love your mom kiddo, but I enjoy having sex with her somethin' fierce.

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1. CRUSADER (From Legacy by NFire)

2. Atom Smasher (From Fallout Equestria — Duck and Cover! By hahatimeforponies)




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  • Legacy A machine of war awakes in a new world. Can it become something more than it is? by NFire 905,392 words · 10,207 views · 1,247 likes · 60 dislikes
  • GTVS: The Great Teacher Vinyl Scratch (Humanized) Her DJ career is on the deadlock, Vincenza 'Vinyl' Scratch needs an other job quickly. Thanks to her mother's connection, she founds one in a complete other field than what she's used to: Highschool Teaching! by Mariacheat-Brony 130,064 words · 11,200 views · 1,176 likes · 35 dislikes
  • My Little Filthy Frank: Ramen Is Magic The filthiest/worst man on the internet (Filthy Frank) accidentally gets sent to Equestria, and now he has to find his way home. by That_Gamer_Scout 6,036 words · 1,505 views · 84 likes · 17 dislikes

For the safety of the general public

  • E The Marriage of Princess Twilight Sparkle

    It is finally Twilight's wedding day! Who is the lucky stallion? It is somepony or rather...something nopony expected  · Sandstorm94
    1,177 words · 537 views  ·  21  ·  11
  • T The Nobody's Regret

    After I was Displaced, I found myself as Roxas from kingdom hearts, in the world of My Little Pony. I became good friends with Celestia and Luna. But after a tragic event unfolded, that I could have prevented, I sent myself into exile.  · CrackerHumps
    31,724 words · 4,652 views  ·  255  ·  33
  • T The Greatest Betrayal And The Greatest Of Friends

    Ash was betrayed by his friends, but one fairly new friend stood by him because she too had been betrayed by her friends and family. She had been banished from her home and she didn't want anyone to go through what she did and her name is Twilight.  · DracoBrony
    9,485 words · 2,085 views  ·  87  ·  27
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Thanks for the watch.

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>>2421011 because anybody with a maymay as dank as the one you have for a profile picture deserves my attention, and because you favorited my shitty (and first ever) self insert fic.

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Thanks for the watch but y tho?

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>>2415866 wtf why are you screaming

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I'm working on a comedy self insert

Theses are words I never thought I'd say, mostly because they're really specific.

Oh well, let's hope it goes better than [insert one of my past stories here]

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  • T General Sam

    Discord's really done it this time, his magic decides to go and be a cliche fanfiction plot device; displacing a powerful warrior from the land of tamriel.  · Captain_Rehab
    1,834 words · 105 views  · gore
  • T Villains

    The planet Equis has existed peacfully for thousands of years. But a strange and nightmarish visitor named Galagus may end up changing that.  · Captain_Rehab
    3,698 words · 99 views
  • T Orion Pæx

    When an evil unheard of threatens Equestria, a hero just as unheard of must arise to stop it from destroying the land he calls home.  · Captain_Rehab
    1,101 words · 61 views  · gore