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A man born and raised in Worcester, MA. I like Mega Man. A lot. Fluttershy is best pony, and I will make her mine one day.

My Culinary Masterpieces

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Would you like to rp?

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I like how Discord's guide on how to write a clopfic turned into an epic quest to destroy the evil entity that is Sunset Shimmer.

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Hey, would you look at that? I wrote actual pony stuff this year a couple times (and rumor goes I'm working on something else at the moment). But the majority of my work went to not-pony again, because I like to diversify the kind of portfolio I don't want anyone else to see. Once again, this is all omorashi fetish.

Accident in Area P (Mega Man ZX)

Affinity Mission: With Your Pants Down (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

Desperation (Accel World)

Even Heroes Falter (My Hero Academia)

The Full-Body, Half-Elf Plight (Re:Zero)

Golden Time Lover (Fullmetal Alchemist) [Hawkeye, Lan Fan, May, Winry]

Holding Host (Ouran High School Host Club)

I Feel as If I May Burst! (Gurren Lagann)

My Little Sister Can't Be This Desperate (Oreimo)

Never a Bathroom in RPGs (Konosuba)

Yellow Stainer Joule (Azure Striker Gunvolt)