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I'm just a otaku passing through. Watch out cause the flower print wereing Diamond Dog is here to be awesome

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I'm out · 2:27am

Ok don't let the title of the blog fool you I'm not leaving. I've stoped watching the new episode of MLP. With out going on a rant I just can't enjoy the show anymore with the directo the show is taken. So if thing don't seem right in future fanfics it's cause I'ev stoped giving a crap. As far as I'm conserned the show ended at Season 6 and starlight is dead in a ditch and no one cares have a problem with that, screw you

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How's it going, Axle?

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Thanks for the fave

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Thanks for the fav glad you liked the one-shot, trying to make some larger stories to see how those go to see if I should focus more on one-shots or not like this one.

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Thanks for the follow

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