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Hiatus, Part 2 · 1:08am

Evening folks,

I had intended to have an April Fools chapter ready for my stories but it seems like that sadly isn't going to happen.  Work is slow but steady on the real chapters for both Mente Materia and Brightest Spark, though if I'm totally honest a recent revelation has made me direct some more attention towards Brightest Spark.

That's Cayde-6, the Hunter representative for the Vanguard.  He's going to be showing up in the next chapter of Brightest Spark.  It's going to be awesome.

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When is the next chapter of Mente Materia coming out? I'm dying for more!

#216 · 13w, 5d ago · · ·


Believe me. He knows.

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Hey, Arad. Not sure how up-to-date you are on XCOM 2, but Long War 2 is out.

It looks very promising, and something worth checking out.

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So sorry to hear about your cat.  I lost my cat of 25 years recently and know that it hurts.  I wish your cat the best for what time they have left and know they were happy to have been your loving pet and for all the time you two spent together.  Take care and best of luck to you.

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