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The 5x pixel dots of lighter color are flying cities- cloud cities, originally migrated by vote but now on set courses. The 1px dots are outposts along the migration routes.

The Pendarkeia of Equestria is a five-rulered nation, with several provinces with cloud districts. It is by far the oldest nation on Eighus, and the small enclave between Cloudsdale and Chrysalia is the seat of power.

The Ymberhie of Griponskrav is a Gryphon nation in good relation with Equestria and Cloudsdale, with trade open between the three nations.

The Kolithan of Draken is the loosest powerful nation on the continent. Its cloud cities are gargantuan, taking up nearly the size they are shown on the map.

The Dymogherati of Cloudsdale is a sister nation to Equestria- founded by a great rebellion which ended, due to the benevolence of the Pendarkeia, in a peaceful secession.

The Dhemiurgedom of Chrysalia is another sister to Equestria, although it was founded out of Cloudsdale. It is the largest Changeling nation on the continent, although changelings make up less than half of the population. It is considered a theocracy, led by a living god- although the same could be said for Equestria.

The Hipshel of Ayhasmi is the second Changeling nation on the continent, and is almost as loose as Draken. Changelings make up 78% of the population.

The Erespub of True Cloudsdale is another successor of Cloudsdale itself. It is weak, but houses many military bases- although not all of them are their own.

The Dymogherati of Cloudhook is nation that is most powerful in its trade potential. It even trades between continents with its far-flying cloud cities.

The Ekumyn of Dymont is another theocracy, this one owned by the simple dogs. They are even looser than Draken, but are tolerated by most.

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