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An insane and reality warping Chaos God, The Warring and Reuniting of the Sisters/Princesses of Day and Night, and vague backstories that allow almost anything? How was I suppose to resist, exactly?

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Discordian Society · 12:59am

I have had many plans in several fics to have a culture built around Discord- either as society Equestria meets, a secret society under Celestia's nose, or as something Discord introduces(and might have made up). This would be largely inspired by Discordianism and the Principia Discordia(which has its own calendar system and holidays) with my own added details. However, all my fans know I'm not always the fastest updater, so I thought I would post some of the general information here for anyone else that might be inspired by the overall madness of it all.  

The most important thing to know is that Discordians have a thing for the Number 5, which in turn is Discord's "sacred/favorite number" or at least believed to be. This shouldn't be surprising since the Elements number as six, and could be his literal numeral manner of "one-upping" Harmony.

The Discordian Year

Discordian make things surprisingly simple and straight forward with how they divide the year, making it into five seasons, rather than months: The Seasons of Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Bureaucracy, and The Aftermath.

The Discordian Season

Each season has 73 days, with the seasonal holidays on the 50th, resulting in there being 23 days(2+3=5) before the end of the seasons.

The Discordian Week

To keep the gagging running, every week is five days longs, said days being: Sweetmorn, Boomtime, Pungenday, Prickle-Prickle, and Setting Orange.

Intermission: Yeah, I know, seems surprisingly make sense and order for Discordianism. This is due to Discordians, in this fic, being inconsistent to the pointing f having consistencies so that they're not consistently inconsistent. Or, in simple terms, the parts that seem orderly are filled with chaos, making the chaos more potent for newcomers than if it was just a place of true bedlam.

The Discordian Holydays

That's not a misspelling, they insist on it being with a y. This is where the chaos really begins with everything from Hugs Day, Towel Day, Multiversal Underwear Day, Hug Day II, Mad Hatter Day, to Cat Dancing & Foot Fetish Day aka Pussyfoot Day. Many of these holydays have different dates for different sects, or multipule ways of celebrating them.

This is a link to the "official" holydays of Discordianism, but some of them need to be slightly modified(or not,) and plenty more can be made up to add in. Its Discord, he'd make a holyday for purple monkey dishwashers.

The Discordian Culture

This is a mix of my own stuff and stuff from the Principia Discordia:

Discordians have a complex culture that surprising doesn't entirely revolve around Chaos. Their chief belief is that most other "orderly" or "sane" societies suffer from the Curse of the Greyface/Greymare/The Grey. Said curse being that they simply take life too seriously and that this is actually the true divide between Disorder and Order. Discordians are vastly divided over who/what The Grey really is, and in universes where Discord was turned to stone, many believe it is Celestia herself- or that she is its Avatar. Hence, Greymare.

Discordians seem to view Discord's Discording/Greying to be his way of either mocking or exposing The Grey by making ponies stop taking some things too seriously.

Further, Discordians don't believe in good and evil in the traditional sense. They believe in Creation and Destruction, with both potentially being Orderly or Disorderly, and they always favor Creative Order and Creative Disorder over Destructive Order and Destructive Disorder. However, this doesn't mean they dislike a good explosion or bonfire every now and again. It does, however, mean that they abhor the death penalty, even if they abhor the criminal as well.

Chaos is notably absent from this and rightly so as they view Chaos as less of an alignment and more as a cause and effect, an element, a power source, and state of being that disregards disorder and order as being Chaos viewed from different perspectives. AKA, being Chaotic is being Enlightened to them.

And if it isn't obvious, the most common and appreciated art form is Surrealism. Its a widely held belief that it was created by an artist trying to paint Discord's chaotic landscape.

They also have two kinds of wars: One is a Chaos War. To be blunt, they follow Discord's example, reigning mind bending and reality warping chaos on their enemies while avoiding killing except when needed. The other is basically more like a classic war where they rescind the "avoid killing" rule, which they try to avoid unless attacked first.

The Discordian Day

This following bit is actually all me, minus the THUD and the time values, which was invented by someone who put it up on the internet. If you want to see, good luck. I'm actually quite proud of this, despite(or because of) how insane of a system it is.

Reading past this points frees me of all liability for brain damage. :derpytongue2:

1440 Minutes(86400 Seconds) a day

288 Erisian Hours a day- 5 Minutes each

12 Erisian Minutes an hour- 24 Seconds each

4 Erisian Seconds a minute- 6 Seconds each

First 23 Erisian Hours/115 Minutes are the THUD.

THUD is considered 1 hour.(Zeroth hour)

THUD is divided into 5 THUD Minutes, equal to 23 Minutes each.

THUD Minutes are divided into 23 seconds, equal to one minute each.

265 Erisian Hours remaining

Second 46 Erisian Hours/230 Minutes are the CLUNK

CLUNK has 4 CLUNK hours, 3450 seconds/57.5 minutes each

CLUNK hour= 69 CLUNK minutes, 50 seconds each

CLUNK Minute= 5 CLUNK Seconds, 10 seconds each

219 Erisian Hours Remaining

Third 100 Erisian Hours/ 500 Minutes are the WHUMBO

WHUMBO has 2 WHUMBO hours, 250 minutes each.

WHUMBO hour= 10 WHUMBO minutes, 25 minutes each.

WHUMBO minute= 5 WHUMBO seconds, 5 minutes each

119 Erisian Hours Remaining

Fourth 115 Erisian hours/575 minutes are the CLANK

CLANK has 5 CLANK Hours, 115 minutes each.

CLANK hour= 5 CLANK Minutes, 23 Minutes each

CLANK Minute= 60 CLANK seconds, 23 seconds each

4 Erisian hours remaining

Fifth 4 Erisian hours/20 minutes are WHUMP

WHUMP is a single hour.

WHUMP hours= 8 WHUMP minutes, 150 seconds each

WHUMP Minute= 3 WHUMP seconds, 50 seconds each.

Discord's relationship with these followers varies across the multiverse, but is often a cordial thing at the least and full out worship at the most. The Princesses themselves obvious are concerned, if not outright afraid of such a society as the very concept implies a potential war(civil or international) due to them sealing Discord. While this would trouble Twilight, regardless of her being Alicorn or Unicorn, she'd also be having a mental meltdown trying to comprehend a culture that worships Discord.

For the record, this is all meant to be a general idea thing. If anyone decides to make a fic based on Discord having a country, culture, or secret society, make as much of it your own as you want. Plus, with Discord being in stone for a thousand years, hard telling how much his country/culture/secret society changed.

And please send me  link if any of you do make something inspired by this!

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Thank you sincerely for your favouriting my fic. I have immense gratitude, thanks!

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Are you going to update reign-of-chaos?

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I notice you write a lot of stories and just leave them at ongoing. Any particular season?

Is that why you haven't updated Young goddess

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I absolutely ADORE your writing, friend. Not only to I love your style, but the stories you make are extremely interesting! Seriously bro, I just found you, and i'm already following a good chunk of your stories. I'd follow more, but I think that just following you is enough :raritywink:

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You know when you really admire an artist, and then they favourite a story of yours? I'm living it right now.

Thank you :twilightsmile:

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MLP Dragon Size · 7:56pm

Here's a question, does anyone have a guess how big an adult Dragon is in MLP? If Spike's Greed mode is a good frame of reference, I'd have to guess 80-100 feet sitting on hindlegs, head to toe, and probably closer to 60 feet on all fours. However, I can be bad at guessing size, so anyone else have an opinion?

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MLP Dragon Size · 7:56pm

Here's a question, does anyone have a guess how big an adult Dragon is in MLP? If Spike's Greed mode is a good frame of reference, I'd have to guess 80-100 feet sitting on hindlegs, head to toe, and probably closer to 60 feet on all fours. However, I can be bad at guessing size, so anyone else have an opinion?

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