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I'm a guy who likes to see stories that are different from the actual series.

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If you enjoyed the Story and you may enjoy this.

These are a bunch of side stories within the main story of My Little Pony FiM (And the legend/journey of the Supreme Karas) but it may be a bit stronger than the main so forgive me for anything or rank the stories, i'm still new to this and the same as before I don't mind comments just not much negitive ones okay.

Warning some parts may be strong!

I accept all comments now, also all pages are re-edited and so please enjoy.

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It is all about a human called Scott who is a Karas from earth that came into another world that is called Equestria and help somepony to fulfil their destiny so his own destiny to be revealed. What he didn’t know that he’s to become a legendary being from his world and something else may happen along the way.

This is my first story I ever made so don’t blame me for what I’m writing, my grammer and I don’t know how to rate it and whatever this story goes in. So I’m sorry for that because i'm new at this.

I accept all comments now, also all pages are re-edited and so please enjoy.

Only Ch 4 & 5.3 have clips. (Have a listen if you want to hear it?)
Copyright on clips from YouTube
Copyright on pictures from Deviant Art.
Copyright on Karas from MANGA.
Copyright on My Little Pony characters from Lauren Faust & Hasbro.

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