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Getting kidnapped by a black van seems terribly clichéd until it happens to you, and you get thrown into a spiraling course of events, which seem to make no sense and end up in you getting sent over to the middle of Nowhere, Not-even-Earth.

Nathan got caught in this situation, and now he must learn to cope with the fact he isn't home anymore.

He’s a gryphus now, and he’s a moron. He’s Nathan, folks.
Oh, and he’s now a cyclops or something, because I hate him.

Rated Teen for obvious language reasons, as well as some dark themes.

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Princess Twilight Sparkle has lived a life full of quite unique events. A long life full of ponies, ponies long forgotten, others have been remembered throughout the ages, but not as as they were.

Something that was just bumping around my mind after Season 3 finale. It is also the first thing I dare to publish in FimFiction, so there's that too. Critique me please, a lot, I need it.

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