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Writer. Comic Lover. Gamer. Metal Head. Nerd.

The Creed

Stay your blade from the innocent,
Hide in plain sight,
Never compromise the Brotherhood.


Eagle Eye

Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasus
Age: 26
Cutie Mark: Eagle's Crest (Created as his signature)
Background: Born in Cloudsdale. Now lives in Manehattan and Ponyville. Lost his mother and second sister in a terrorist attack, and was forced to kill his father and best friend. Now married with two children.
Personality: Responsible, caring, courageous, loving, and truthful
Likes: Protecting innocent ponies and being with his friends and family
Dislikes: Those that would harm the innocent, and any evil entities in general
Hobbies: Writing, free-running, and flying fast
Current Status: With his family in Ponyville


Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Age: 26
Cutie Mark: A heart with two crossed blades
Background: Eagle Eye's first sister. Was put up for adoption at birth. Lived in Hoofington for most of her life, until finally finding her brother at age 25. Now lives in Ponyville, Manehattan, or Los Pegasus.
Personality: Loving, caring, quick-witted, adventurous, and daring
Likes: Being with those she loves and stopping evil-doers
Dislikes: Being taken advantage of or being abused by strangers and ponies she doesn't know
Hobbies: Free-running
Current Status: With her coltfriend

Pope Heavy Weapons Guy

My Favorite Songs

Breaking Benjamin: Ashes of Eden

Daughtry: We're Not Gonna Fall

A Day to Remember: Another Song About the Weekend (Acoustic)

Red: Never Be the Same

Five Finger Death Punch: Lift Me Up (feat. Rob Halford)

Theory of a Deadman: Wait for Me

Crown the Empire: The Fallout

Creed: Rain

Shinedown: Second Chance

Of Mice & Men: Second and Sebring

Nine Lashes: My Friend

Asking Alexandria: A Lesson Never Learned

I See Stars: Digital Renegade

We Came as Romans: A War Inside

Disturbed: Haunted

Gemini Syndrome: Stardust

Motionless in White: Cobwebs

blessthefall: You Wear a Crown, But You're No King

Volumes: Erased

The Color Morale: Learned Behavior

SECRETS: Sleep Well, Darling

Like Moths to Flames: I Solemnly Swear

Memphis May Fire: Beneath the Skin

In Fear and Faith: It All Comes Out (On the Way Down)

The Amity Affliction: My Father's Son

Beartooth: In Between

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: Playing Dead

Exotype: Familiar

Wage War: Twenty One

Oceans Ate Alaska: Vultures and Sharks

Upon This Dawning: Embrace the Evil

For Today: Break the Cycle (feat. Matty Mullins)

Upon a Burning Body: Bring the Rain

The Plot in You: Sober and Soulless

Betraying the Martyrs: Leave it All Behind

Born of Osiris: Exhilirate

The Word Alive: Life Cycles

Get Scared: R.I.P.

Sirens and Sailors: Holdfast

Northlane: Quantum Flux


Specter Hiatus · 7:08pm Jan 30th, 2017

Hey, guys. So, I probably should have made this update a while ago. I just started school again. For this Spring semester, I'm studying abroad in England. So far, it's been a grand old time. During my time here, though, I'm not going to be writing any new Specter of Equis chapters. I want to focus on school, traveling, and just enjoying my time here. And in terms of writing, I want to focus on writing new material for myself, rather than material tethered to MLP. Of course, by no means

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Where can i read the novel of eagle eye???????

2088031 I like you're stories

Comment posted by leslie2000 deleted Sep 9th, 2016

2087996 Heh. Life has just been really busy and eventful lately, so I've either had no time to write, or have just been doing other things. I fully intend to release the next chapter by the end of January. Fear not! I have not given up on my beloved story! :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 10,578 - 10,582 of 10,582
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