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just making this profile to track stories Oh well.... Hi, I am a newbie writer, I'm from Indonesia so I'm sorry if there are some ( a lot of ) grammar mistakes

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I am glad to see another indonesian mlp fan, I'm a pegasister

really? O_o, wow, I don't know that it could actually bring tears, I'm still a newbie. But well.. thanks, you're awesome, here's mustache:moustache::moustache:
and it's doubled

i got just one line for you .. keep it coming .. i was in tears at octavia's story ending, awesome job.

hehe ok cool and your very welcome I like how sad it is makes me smile.

nah.. It's okay, there's nothing such as rude comments to me :twilightsmile:, BTW, thank you for spending some of your time reading my fanfic.

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