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A Treasy On Equestrian Magic · 2:38am Jun 18th, 2015

I have formulated basic theory on how Equestrian magic works. The general idea goes, that it's the Tree of Harmony. When the Tree was dying, unicorn magic went berserk. Keep that in mind. Now, when a unicorn wants to cast a spell, they are sending a message to the Tree. Misfires happen when they sent a "typo". The Tree itself possesses large amounts of magical energy(lets just call it mana- the power of a place), while living things possess much smaller pools of magic(prana- the power of a

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Superpower Lottery Story · 3:14am Jun 17th, 2015

If I wrote( or, more realistically, started writing then gave up on without canceling), a superpower lottery Displaced, based on baschap's character Sam, who would read it? His powers are

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Does this sound like a good idea? · 3:23am Jul 31st, 2014

For once, it's not a HiE idea from me. Here's a possible description:

More than a millennium ago, long before the peaceful reign of the Regal Sisters, the three tribes of pony lived far from the place that is now Equestria, in three separate nations, divided by geography, powers, and most of all, hate. But somehow, they all managed to hold a fragile peace through raw necessity. The unicorns controlled the sun and moon, the pegasi the weather, and the earth ponies the supply of food. The

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No Matter how messed up it is, I have to get it out of my head · 3:13am Jul 23rd, 2014

Hideous fan fic idea inspired by "Only the Daring" by Holy
Until I read the group box, I though Daring Do would be exploring ancient ruins when some kind of old magic transformed her into a human. She searches the ruins for answers, and ends up awakening some kind of ancient wizard, magically trapped in an eternal sleep. Then they have sex. No clue where the idea was going after that.

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How many of you would read this? · 5:13pm Jun 26th, 2014

A LoHAV story where a guy goes to a Cosplaying convention... without a costume. He's only going because a friend of his convinced him to. On a whim, he buys a magic-looking ring from a vender, which of course whisks him away to Equestria, 1200 years ago. He quickly discovers the ring allows him to use magic, not because he didn't have it before, but because you need a conduit to use magic, and without one, it doesn't matter how much power is within you, it's useless. He is mistaken for an

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My Bio · 5:15am Jan 26th, 2014

Species:Half-Dragon/Human Planeswalker
Status;Active, wanted, nearly sane
Titles: Magus, Lord, Knight, Shepherd(You get a lot of titles when you live over 9 thousand years)
Enemies:Rhita Gawr, Satan, Daleks, Demon's Claw, Warlocks, Most Wyldfae(with a few exceptions, like Santa Claus), Celestia(I called her Trollestia ONE time), Vampires
Affiliation: The Wanderer, Heaven, Dragon King Zoixum of Chaos, White Council

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That One Story · 3:23am Sep 24th, 2013

Hi guys. There's this one story I read once whose name I can't remember. Last I checked, there were several bronies in various Equis forms, one of which is a zebra and another is a dragon, etc. The cover art is a purplish dragon. In this version Celestia and Luna aren't sisters, their married. If anyone knows it, please tell me. The dragon can use magic, and eats a knife(because he's a dragon, so it's fine).

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