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That Dere Guy

My writing habits

None, really. Well, not HERE, at least. You see, I'm kinda actually working on a story on another website. It's on Fanfiction, under the same name, but there's just one catch: There's no ponies.

So yeah, when I get an idea for a good pony story, I'll put it here. Until then, I'll stick to commenting on others stuff, giving helpful feedback (hopefully) :twilightsmile:

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1249452 I wear my weirdo badge with pride, my friend! Although I think I may have lost it somewhere during the orgy...

Also, thank Celestia for the anonymousy of the Internet! Otherwise everyone would know that That Dere Guy is actually a very nice person in real life, and would then know that said person likes pony orgies! *phew*

:heart:Yep yep! Some folks will just leave a simple "Thanks for faving my story." I prefer to personally embarrass my readers where they live. They enjoyed a story about a pony orgy. The only way they could be a bigger weirdo is if they'd written a story about a pony orgy. (Haaaay, waitaminute...):twilightoops:

1248898 You just had to write that I enjoyed an orgy story on my main page, didn't you? :ajbemused:

...Although to be fair it was actually pretty well written and had me laughing more then I care to admit, so there's that.

And I totally didn't read it for the clop. :scootangel:

Thanks for dropping by (and faving) the orgy! Hope you had fun there! :rainbowwild::heart::trollestia:

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