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I am a student of economics,history and biology. I've come here to produce my seminal work Draconomachi. I hope to complete a and have it edited and posted somewhere it'll get noticed.


Oh No! DIALOGUE! My only Weakness! · 10:59pm Apr 10th, 2012

I have a love/hate relationship with dialogue. It's what sells a story ,but what breaks a writer.

I both love and hate the discourse between my characters.

it's always challenging to focus on the perspective of a character and channel thoughts,purposes and emotions through that particular scope.

After that you to make them match the atmosphere...I am tried...But I hope my efforts ring true....

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I am OCD about details · 11:44pm Apr 2nd, 2012

I cannot stop fidgeting with details! I'll take one paragraph and obsess over the details in the descriptions for days!!! I need help!

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Meet My OC's,(LOGICAL OC's) · 7:40pm Mar 29th, 2012

In fanfiction we have OC's that are in a lot of cases strange and unforeseen.
They often serve to indulge the writer,but my OC's aren't like like that.
My OC's have back stories and serve a purpose in the plot without having to be mane characters.

1.Silver Platter
Silverspoon's father. He's a banker who's generosity during hard times forces him to get back together with his ex-wife.

2. Stilleto

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Draconomachi Timeline · 10:32pm Mar 26th, 2012

S1 E1 was on the Summer Sun celebration.

It will be the reference point for the passage of time. It's been several years.
from S1 E1 to S2 E1 is roughly a year and a half (first day of one year's summer to the early fall of the next year)

Chapter 1 is on the seventh anniversary of S1E1.

[This shall be updated along with the story. There are chapters based in flash backs. This will help maintain orientation]

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Draconomachi Plans · 1:54pm Mar 24th, 2012

I've already etched the course of events and character relationships into documents.

Now all I have to to do is write it,and figure out where I'll insert the back stories so that my world builds up.

I have all of my history.

My six new Elements of Harmony.



Special Attacks!

OC's that make sense


anyone reading this, feel free to ask questions. There's too much going on in this story for it to be spoiled by a few tidbits here and there.

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