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Welcome to Aethia, a land far to the east well outside the orderly gaze of the alicorn princesses; a land filled with ten scoundrels, loose cannons and low-lifes for every one respectable citizen. From here hail the griffons, who soar and pounce throughout their homeland in strong numbers, unlike in Equestria.

Days ago, our would-be heroine sought out a famed hunter regarding a notorious mountain range rumored to contain untold riches. Not wanting to pass up this particular griffon's knowledge, she recruited two other "experienced" ponies to investigate. However, not everything in this region is as it seems. The rocky depths have an age-old habit of hiding all sorts of ancient dangers from the surface...

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In the shadows of a forgotten realm, one mare trudges onward with music, and a cute little house cat, as her sole companions. Lyra Heartstrings has fought against a dark curse for more than a year, and it's now beginning to take a toll on her mind. Will she be able to keep everything together in light of her choice? Or will the spanning abyss inevitably claim her as one of its own?

Chapters (5)
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