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What happens when Twilight wakes up the day after her coronation? Faced with fear and confusion, Twilight attempts to find answers, but accidentally summons the Nightmare who uses Twilight to once again cast darkness over Equestia. The main six are the only ponies who can stop the Nightmare using the Elements of Friendship, but now Twilight's best friends with Spike must find a replacement for the element of magic to defeat the Nightmare and save Twilight from herself. They are able to convince Trixie, who is reasonably talented in magic, to accompany them on their quest. . . but is magic the answer, or is it a matter of trust and friendship?

Awesome fan art is "True, True Friends" taken from IamtehPILOT at http://iamtehpilot.deviantart.com/art/True-True-Friends-354682745

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