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An Iowa class battleship

Battleships may have once ruled the seas. But it is the legacy of those that still stand today to remind us of the days that their battles were won by the men that served on these ships.

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53 Years ago: The seafaring nations of Unity had achieved the golden age of sail with the maritime economy booming from a heavily established maritime infrastructure and holiday-goers traveling the world on luxurious ocean liners and transcontinental zeppelins. Equestria was the world's leader in possessing a powerful navy to protect the vital sea-lanes from marauding pirates and keeping rival states in check by keeping fleet numbers above those of their northern Gryphon neighbors.

One day, everything changed when vast fleets of unknown warships appeared across the world who would reveal themselves as the Equestrian Fleet of Fog. Chaos and total destruction raged across the world as these highly advanced and self aware vessels began attacking ships and establishing blockades on a global scale. Princess Celestia attempted negotiations with the warships and sent the Elements of Harmony to intervene only to have all but two members killed and her entire fleet destroyed in a final great naval battle.

Devastated and infuriated with the loss of her nation's protectors, Princess Celestia declared war on the Equestrian Fog ships which would span over half a century.

Present Day: Admiral Ruby New Moon, a veteran 'Tin-can Captain' turned fleet commander has been given command of Equestria's newest fleet of warships thanks to the assistance of Humanity as they too wage a war of struggle against the Earth-based Fleet of Fog. Under executive orders from Princess Luna, Admiral Ruby sets sail with her mighty fleet to hunt down the Equestrian Fleet of Fog's flagship who was responsible for the deaths of four members of the Elements of Harmony. What follows would be the beginning of one of the greatest and most dangerous deployments in Ruby's career or her last.

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What was to be an normal day in Ponyville turned into a hellish nightmare as undead beings attack the town, turning innocent Ponies into flesh eating monsters. With little choice, Twilight, and a little help from Discord we're forced to cleanse the town of the infected... But apart from the infected still surrounding them, they ended up accidentally summoning an AC-130!

A short story dedicated to Zombie Gunship

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In the aftermath of WWII, a trans-dimensional portal opens up at Midway releasing a fleet of other-worldly ships upon the island and the surrounding fleets. The United States Navy was able to repel the attackers back through the portal before any collateral damage could be inflicted. In the wake of the attack, the U.S government decides to send an expeditionary force beyond the portal to find those responsible and bring them to justice. But what they would find is a world of myth and legend.

Prior to their arrival, an ancient evil returns to the world of Verdon hell-bent on uniting the world under a new Reich order. Outgunned, facing impossible odds, and the Enterprise crippled in the recent attack on San Maresisco. Princess Celestia is forced to help Admiral Chester Nimitz return to Earth in hopes of bringing the other battlefleet's to the Equestrian world. But in a world now divided between the Allies and the Soviets, An event like America's secret first contact with an inter-dimensional race could trigger dire consequences on the world, and give Stalin the perfect opportunity to swiftly conquer Europe.

WWII may be over, but the "First Contact War" has just begun...

(Equestria's Warships is currently on hold till Landfall rewrite is complete, changes are expected follow the new storyline. The description above will be re-written.)

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OCTOBER, 1945.

Humanity's biggest bloodiest conflict has ended no more than a month ago. Many countries are in ruins while many more were untouched. The Soviet Union controls over half of Europe with the Allies still in control of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the U.K.

In the Pacific, the United States has total dominance over the ocean since the defeat of Japan.
With peace restored the U.S begins to degrade it's military forces in the Pacific. But one day, something out of this world happens.

A rift between space and time opens up within the Midway atoll. On the other side, an enemy like nothing we've ever seen before attacks the island base and the moored 2nd US Pacific Battlefleet. But with greater numbers and firepower, U.S Pacific forces overpower the attackers and pushes them back through the rift. In response, the U.S Government organises a campaign to find and bring those responsible to justice.

An expeditionary fleet, led by Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, is sent through the rift where they are transported to a world that defies everything we know. The arrival of Nimitz' battlefleet will not only make contact with an intelligent Equine race, But an ancient evil that once brought this world to ruins a thousand years ago has returned with a cold vengeance and a powerful army, unleashing a new war that will bring both worlds to ruins.

(Story is undergoing a total rewrite and extended with a brand new storyline. There will be major changes in locations, time, new characters, and the new storyline will follow on from an alternate WWII timeline. More changes will be listed as they come. So for the time being, all work on the sequel is on hold till then.)

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