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An Iowa class battleship

Battleships may have once ruled the seas. But it is the legacy of those that still stand today to remind us of the days that their battles were won by the men that served on these ships.


Good god, how long has it been since I last did this... · 10:35am March 10th

Hey there fellow sailors, Iowa here.

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My Adventures with the Equines


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Panzer vor!

2351013 the Iowa could do that without most of the fancy schmancy technology that modern ships were equipped with. And it could do it more accurately too.

Comment posted by Viking Hoof deleted Jan 30th, 2017

2350709 But you need to take into account of the missiles being fired at the battleship. Battleships are large targets, and I wager that one of those fancy new land-ship or ship-ship missiles can take one out easily. The main reason battleships were removed from the battlefield is because of their large size and dismal maneuverability. I think that with the introduction of battleships, these ships would dish out high firepower at long ranges, armed with high velocity, high power guns and all the modern gadgets that a ship must have.

Absolutely, with there are multiple means of bringing back battleships. Their large hulls make excellent platforms for packing serious firepower, and wield a fear factor that carriers could dream of. Though like carriers will need a heavy escort screen for protection of course. The most applicable form of outfitting a battleship's hull in this current time of warfare is with guided missiles. But with the advent of railguns, we're potentially one step closer to developing railgun battleships once railgun technology is better developed.

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