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District 2. A peaceful and quite district, often accompanied by peaceful orchestral music.
Unless its the first week in January, then all is quiet.
For that is the week all ponies dread; the Selection week.

Princess Celestia rules twelve districts from Canterlot, making a stallion and a mare participate in the Equestria Games each year, but this year the tyrant has added a twist that will test not only the Elements of Harmony, but a treasured relationship betweeen two district's ponies.

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It's a time of darkness in Equestria. Princess Celestia feels her dark father, King Chromos, rising from the pits of Tartarus to re-take Equestria. The Sun-ruler calls upon the Elements of Harmony once again to prevent him from doing so.
While Celestia is taking care of those matters, Princess Luna, feeling this as well as her older sister, calls upon her young student to teleport from the human world to Equestria, but in the process the young Princess brings over two of her closest friends by accident. When she realizes this, A romance between an Alicorn stallion and herself is sparked, but will this romance-and Equestria-be able to be saved from Chromos' tyranny?

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Everypony is preparing for the Summer Sun Celebration, until Applejack gets a letter from Princess Twilight stating that Canterlot is under attack once again, and that she needs their help. About this time, Applejack notices that Applebloom is gone!

While all this is happening, a Princess from the Northern Kingdom of Frostmare hears of the chaos in Canterlot, and decides to go assist.

With the Cutie Mark Crusaders leaderless, as well as a new threat threatening all of Equestria, will the main six, with the help of their new friend, be able to defeat the strange new enemy? Will Canterlot, Ponyville, and the Eevrfree Forest become a warzone?
And most of all, will each pony be able to retain their special talents, even without their horns and wings?

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