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Sounds good (points for the allusion to my story for that, but would have been better as a pun :pinkiecrazy:), and sorry, I don't play that outdated game, I find it more enjoyable to play Team Hattress3.

Thank YOU for commenting to me :twilightsmile:
And also thanks for liking that profile pic of mine XD
Found it, liked it and just had to use it too. Was just to good not to. And Your story is most certainly awesome RDG (your new nickname now :D)
And don't worry if you don't see many (if any) comments from me in the future. I normally am more or less a shadow that stalks your every step :pinkiehappy:
Maybe we'll clash one day in TF2. Of course only if you play it.
See ya!

Your favoring of my story "Shadows of the Knight" is appreciated, and as a side-note, I quite like the soldier picture for your profile.

No problem :twilightsmile:
So far I like this. Although I haven't read that much yet. Was just about to read the first chapter when your noteification came in :rainbowlaugh:
I write more once I reached the third chapter.
And just so you know. That may take some time since I'm a slow reader, seeing how I want to save me some chapters when I have a, more or less, lazy evening/night.
Hope that's no problem :unsuresweetie:
Cheers :yay:

Thanks for the fave. What do you think so far?

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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