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My name is Jace Beleren, and I'm a Planeswalker. I am a powerful mind-mage, specialising in blue magic, and I sometimes don't get on well with people.

Now, is one of those occasions. Or more importantly, was, as I am now stuck in a strange plane with no way out... And stuck with the most short-tempered Planeswalker I know, Chandra Nalaar.
I need a way out, and fast.

(Credit for the art goes to EarthXXII)

Note: All tags are subject to change as the story is as well.

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As usual, Twilight tucks-up Spike in his bed, looks out the window, and goes to sleep... Unknowing this will be the last of her normal days.

That night, a human calling herself Dreamstrider, the very first human magic-wielder, enters her life and flips all her perceptions of the universe upside-down...

Only to find, she is just the start.

Note: The categories/tags for this story may change over time because I don't really know specifically what will happen, it just happens.

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