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Iron Night · 5:55am Jan 12th, 2014

I don't know how many of you know about my OC, but i have two standing head-canons about him. Thanks to the lovely Dovne, (his tumblr is http://dovne.tumblr.com/ , warning, it is NSFW sometimes.), I am able to show as well as tell.

First off is the "Soldier" head-canon.

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The Dream · 10:01pm Dec 26th, 2013

It has always been my dream, as a fanfiction writer, to write a story or collection of stories with a lore so deep and intriguing that it inspires other writers to write fanfiction of my fanfiction.
A world so deep and immense that people create head cannons about the OC's and the cannon characters.
An idea so epic it would influence people's lives.
Just a little thing i have always wanted.

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I'm not dead... · 4:34am Dec 15th, 2013

... Not yet at least.
I would like to apologize for my, like, year long hiatus. Its been a tough time with my life shifting from one place to another.
With this blog post I hope to rekindle my writing spirit so i can either continue my stories or begin to write a new one.
Honestly it all depends on what sparks my brain at the time.
I hope you all have a happy holiday season, and here's to, hopefully, new content from me

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Im drawing. · 4:09pm Apr 14th, 2013

Im drawing things.
Want to watch me fumble around?
click the link
Fumbling Around

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World of Tanks? · 5:06am Apr 8th, 2013

As you may know i am struggling with a massive writers block.
You might not know that i have recently fallen in love with World of Tanks.
I sense a one off about six mares in a tank...
hopefully it will get me over my writers block

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OCs and the like · 6:18pm Apr 5th, 2013

You probably havent noticed this, but im going to post this before people start asking.
The descriptions of my Fics will be changing slightly every once and a while.
No, these changes will not be in the description themselves, but below it where i credit OCs i have used in each fic with a little link to the owners Tumblr/Fimfiction account.
Now you might be asking yourself "why do i need to know this?", and the answer is simple.

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April Fools? · 10:23pm Apr 1st, 2013

Our new leader Poultron plans on getting rid of the Humanized tag on this site.
I dont know if this is a joke or not, but if it isnt i will be leaving.
All of my stories, as well as my future plans for stories, have humans or humanized ponies in them.
I wont be able to post them here anymore.
If this goes through i will have to find a new place to go, but i dont know of any other sites.

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I'm dead. · 3:41pm Mar 13th, 2013

Just kidding, but you probably thought that from my inactivity.
Like i have said before school as well as my life is really kicking the shit out of me.
Also my own laziness.
But thats normal
However, this blog post isnt here for you to listen to my excuses.
It is here to say that i am slowly breaking down my writer block/ lack of time/ laziness.
Im not making promises, but i will venture to say that chapters may start appearing.

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200!!! · 5:17am Mar 1st, 2013

Whole New World has reached 202 favorites!!

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move complete · 8:36pm Feb 18th, 2013

so i finally moved.
no more roommate that stays up to 2
no more being tired and sick
which means more productivity.

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