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lol · 7:59am Jun 13th, 2019

it is just now that shortly as im writing this that i realize that each of these three blog posts i've made have been 3 years apart heh 3 post's 3 years apart at exactly 3 am as i hit post Glorious!

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The Lack of proper HiE · 7:32am Mar 2nd, 2016

So it has been quite a while sence i last posted something on hear and after a bit of looking around the site for the better part of an hour and a half,it has come to my attention that HiE stories and when i say HiE stories i mean good old human and i mean Actual human and not a human turned pony or some random humanized pony's i mean a human from earth some how ends up in Equestria , stories like these have been been slowly fading

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Spike X Winona?...Anypony? · 9:53am Aug 5th, 2013

recently I've been thinking since i started checking around FimFiction and have noticed?No one has made a Dog spike x winona romance although I've noticed when i looked for it all i got were two story's that were basically just clopfics that are to short and have prity much no real romance So... I'm thinking of issuing a bit of a fun little challenge to anyone willing to take it on

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