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I am new. Help me. Tell me the rules.

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You still haven't posted your story.

Also, never, I MEAN NEVER, make an alicorn OC. For some reason, people don't like that.


I'd say you should read the FAQ Page, as it will likely help you more than I can when it comes to the rules of the site.

You should stay away from trying to just be a general asshole to everyone. People can't really ban you for doing that, but they will hate you.

Trollfics are allowed, but you can not go around being racist and discussing vile topics as if they were perfectly fine. I mean, foalcon is allowed, but most people don't approve. Seriosuly, if you're writing about some kind of fetish, I'd say it should go into a folder in a Clop Group.

Those are the two big things I can think of right now, and if you follow them, you should do fine.

If you need anything else, then please, don't hesitate to ask.

I was just wondering about the basic rules. Is there anything that I cannot do?

And, thank you for the watch.

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