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I'm a dude who loves to create things and struggles with lots of things too... Life has hit, hiatus has begun and I wonder how Stargazer's doin'.

Story Ideas

Hiatus status, but here's a good piece of advice for everyone out there! You can either be successful or be comfortable, be unkind or be confident, be socially acceptable or be you.

There is a story that I've been ignoring, it's got promise but I have other things to write and things to do. Stay Brony FimFic

Current Status

I apologize FimFiction, I desire a career to create things! I will be back someday, but life calls.

Looking to be Entertained?!


Just so we're clear, this is me:
"Hi, nice to meet ya"

I'm dodging my problems like:

Dealing with people who are like:

And wanting to eat cake like:

Enjoy! :D

Who am I?

You stick your right arm in, you stick your right arm out, you stick it right back in as you force choke a trooper out.

"But Blazen! Aren't you a pony-loving, filly-mating, clopping brosephine?!"


As you can tell from my shameless use of gifs, I am a writer; also I dislike clop. I am a lot of other things too, but those things don't matter. You people could matter if you worked harder, shame on you...

Enjoy! Or ya know, Don't...

My Amazing Schedule!!! :D *Sparkle Sparkle*

Monday US PCF Time

6:00pm: Eat a snack

7:00pm-8:00pm: Edit, write, proofread, complain about clop etc.

Wednesday and Friday: Repeat

Repeat until either Girlfriend Achievement Unlocked or Life Terminates....

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There is no shame in giving up, unless it's on someone else's terms. If you do anything, do it on your own terms.

Never give up on yourself, never surrender your standards. Keep writing, dreaming and believing

Tara Gilisbie is my hero and clearly an extraordinary author. I was l3gmetly temptid to sturt wreting I like she duz. *OH YES DARKO YES*.

She single-handedly authored the best-worst fan fiction of all time. I have to try to write like she does.

2120895 Aw, thank you! I hope I live up to your expectations, for both of our sakes. :twilightblush:


I've been a fan of yours for awhile Reg, I had an old user but I changed because that user is tainted with the immaturity and troll-baiting that it succumbed too...

I think you have talent and despite what you've done could go much further, and I want to see what happens.

Thanks for the watch! May I ask why you chose to do so?

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