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"To make something a masterpiece, you will need to accommodate 22 hours of editing for every 1000 words after the rough draft. To make SOMETHING, you need to write."

Story Ideas

  1. Starswirl Origins
  2. The Cutie Mark Marauders
  3. Chancellor Naysay: The Defendant
  4. Twilight Discovers Fanfiction About Her Journal
    As if pony's reactions weren't bad enough...
  5. The Disastrous Pony Life of Saiki K!!!
  6. So, It Turns Out Scootaloo Isn't Gay
    And everypony sucks for thinking so...
  7. Spike Discovers Hallmark Channel
  8. Zecora Accidentally Ends a Sentence With 'Orange'
  9. So... It Turns Out Ruling The World is a Major Let Down
  10. Wait, What Do You Mean I'm a Background Character??
  11. Who Knew Selling Enchanted Items at a Discounted Price Would Backfire?
  12. Celestia & Fleuryheart: Nemeses Turned Besties
  13. Twilight's School of Friendship: The Fleury Years
  14. Spike the Ambassador: A Love Story Everypony Saw Coming
  15. Applejack: The Princess of Truth
  16. Starswirl The Bearded, Countess Coloratura's Number 1 Fan!!!
  17. Gruntilda & Zecora: New Best Friends?

There is a story that I've been ignoring, it's got promise but I have other things to write and things to do. Stay Brony FimFic

Serious Considerations for Ideas (feel free to use)

  • My Friend Zipp
  • House of the Rising Sun: Luster Dawn
  • The Order of the Rook
  • Mirror's Edge: Starlight
  • The Cheat Room

Current Status

Super busy, trying to earn that US Dollar. Writing with my improved authorship skills. Appreciating that it's called a rough draft for a reason! Still, life calls...

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Studying the history of Equestria

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There is no shame in giving up, unless it's on someone else's terms. If you do anything, do it on your own terms.

Never give up on yourself, never surrender your standards. Keep writing, dreaming and believing

Tara Gilisbie is my hero and clearly an extraordinary author. I was l3gmetly temptid to sturt wreting I like she duz. *OH YES DARKO YES*.

She single-handedly authored the best-worst fan fiction of all time. I have to try to write like she does.

2120895 Aw, thank you! I hope I live up to your expectations, for both of our sakes. :twilightblush:


I've been a fan of yours for awhile Reg, I had an old user but I changed because that user is tainted with the immaturity and troll-baiting that it succumbed too...

I think you have talent and despite what you've done could go much further, and I want to see what happens.

Thanks for the watch! May I ask why you chose to do so?

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