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Eeyup. (Genuinely, though: Welcome. I hope my stories – when they get around to existing – meet your expectations.)


New Story Posted: Masks, and Those Who Wear Them · 11:13pm Nov 29th, 2015

Hey there, folks. I know there are only seven of you currently following me, but I'm grateful for your attention all the same, and I want to point you towards my new story and/or talk it up a little bit.

Masks, and Those Who Wear Them

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I can't give you a definite answer, sorry. Honestly, I probably shouldn't have released it until and unless it was already finished, but too late now – the most I can say is that I've been picking at upcoming chapters for it for a while now, and I have no intention of calling it quits on it, but I can't guarantee that it's all going to come together into a finished product. Not anytime soon, at any rate. I'm smack in the middle of what promises to be the busiest and most exhausting year of my life so far.

Hey are you ever going to finish masks and those who wear them? I really like it so far and I was hoping to see more

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