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Concerning Tags · 12:41am Nov 28th, 2012

While I'm not going to spontaneously become as bloggy as Wanderer D, something has been pressing at the back of my mind lately, and I'd like to say it aloud, just because because.

Dearest FIMfiction overlords, I love you. So much. Why, one may ask?

Because of THIS GUY!

Now I don't have to try to cram the word 'changeling' into the description somewhere so it shows up!

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Regarding my older stories ~ · 6:52pm Aug 15th, 2012

... While I've just submitted 'Remember, Remember...' up for publication, the other pony-centric story I have floating around ('One's Own Self,' a silly/sad Derpy one) is more or less three words less than the 1000-minimum, and I don't want to invoke the wrath of the admins for going all 'hue hue ill just do absolut min words kthxbai lul'.
For that, I say oh well, and in the offchance anybody(pony) wants to see it, you can find it on my DA!
And that is all I have to say :o

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