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exams, youtube and other · 3:34pm Nov 23rd, 2013

hey guys it sonicawesomeb00m here and I just wanted to let you guys and/or girls out there know that exams are coming up at school... I only have one exam and it goes for 2 hours... my attention span is only 1 hour and even then I can forget what I was doing... I also have youtube videos popping up every now and then. now that holidays have nearly started I have a lot of time on me so I will ask for some stupid stuff to do(except drugs, alcohol, high doses of caffeine and something that could

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dark thoughts · 1:33pm Oct 26th, 2013

ok so I've been having some pretty dark thoughts recently. It could be just some more cupcake things but somehow it isn't. they started to surface after listening to my little dashie (to be honest I bowled my eye's out) and since then I have been getting strange thoughts like terrorist attacks in ponyville... hang on... I could probably turn that into a story. I've also been having a reoccurring dream of Rainbow Dash being tide to a stainless steel table swearing her head off constantly and as

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