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Um, hi. I'm Stephen, though a lot of the time (especially in gaming), I go by Church. I teach high school history and collect video games from all eras and consoles.

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Class Act has just graduated from Princess Twilight Sparkle's School for Aspiring Educators and accepted a position teaching history at South Baltimare High School. Coming from Equestria's foremost college of education, he feels completely prepared for whatever challenges his new career may throw at him. He's about to find out the hard way just how unpredictable teaching can be.

This is just a stupid little stress-relief thing I wrote after work a while back. I wasn't going to publish it, but I decided "Why not?" So take it for what it is.

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This story is a sequel to Reforging a Broken Blade

Pinkie Pie has always been Ponyville's carefree party pony without a worry in the world other than making sure everypony gets an invitation to her next celebration. When death suddenly silences her infectious laughter, nothing feels quite the same.

Prequel to Reforging a Broken Blade.

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Discord returns mere months after the Mane Six defeated him in Ponyville, but this time, he doesn't come back to wreak more havoc. Instead, he only wants to talk to Twilight.

Takes place between the Season 2 finale and the Season 3 premiere.

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A new stallion moves to Ponyville, but it's clear from his interactions with the townsfolk that something is constantly bothering him. Twilight Sparkle decides to befriend the new pony and try to help him forget the pain of his past in whatever way she can, but the specter of war can add unexpected complications to any plan.

This story is on its second major revision, and there are a few things I want to clarify about it. First, the OC is NOT supposed to be based solely on me, and none of the events in the story ever actually occurred. Events in my life have influenced the story, and the story and characters represent my emotions, but it is not my intention to "ponify" myself in this story nor am I attempting to chronicle any part of my life. I went into a bit more detail about my changing focus and such in a blog that I encourage everyone who knows me IRL or who has followed this story for a while now to skim quickly so as to minimize confusion.

My thanks to thedarkprep for encouraging me to start writing this instead of just talking about doing it!

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