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I write stories about pony superheroes and cruel and unusual tragedies and pony superheroes who suffer cruel and unusual tragedies. I'm currently looking both fine and OK.


I guess I WILL update this blog! · 12:27am Feb 9th, 2012

It's become increasingly apparent as I get through Harpflank and Sweets that when I'm a little stuck, it helps to just type junk related to it, so I guess I'll do it here =D

So I'm halfway through the season finale part 2 and in reading back to get some of the links right, I've noticed that dayum, my tone is inconsistent. There's a lot of mood whiplash and there's a distinct downwards trend over the course of the series in the megacello:tears ratio.

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I probably will not update this blog. · 9:20pm Jan 26th, 2012

I'm way too forgetful to do more than one =p If you wish to hear Harpflank and Sweets-related musings, check out my dA, http://cainum.deviantart.com/

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