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When Russian scientists recieve a signal from another dimension, a Spetsnaz unit is deployed into the strange new world to investigate. But things don't go as planned. The sole survivor of the unit must adapt to his new surroundings and save his new found friends from the rising evil. An evil over a millennia in the making. Let's hope they have vodka in this place.

Please Note:
1) This story's time line is set mid season 3.
2) This IS NOT a crossover. I just needed names and discriptions for the story and the Battlefield 3 russian team fit the bill. Hope you can understand.

- Dima is BASED (not IS, just based) off of the Battlefield 3 (BF3) russian assault class. And his name is borrowed from one of the campaign characters from the same game.
- Kiril's look is based of the BF3 russian sniper class. As for his name, Same story as above.
- Vladimir's look is based of the russian engineer class. Same story for the name.
- Borris' look is the support class without the helmet & balaclava. His name how ever, is after a friend of mine.

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